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Jeff Burrell

Dax is the main antagonist in Season 3 of Mia and Me.


Dax is sent from the Dark Elf, Lord Drakon, to Centopia to finally catch the winged unicorn. He is a cool, experienced, well trained assistant for the Dark Elf! He feels itself very unbeatable. Gargona and Dax work together. Dax is the leader of the Hopper Army.  The Hoppers are able to jump very high and can ball up into a wheel! Dax describes the Hoppers as his brothers, although they are rather his servants.


Lord Drakon

  • Lord Drakon sent Dax on the mission in Season 3.


  • Gargona and Dax teamed up to fight with the elves and take the heart shards.
  • Later on, Dax grabs Gargona and tries to dance with her, much to Gargona's dislike. This is the second time Gargona has been assualted.

The Bug Men

  • The bug men work with Dax.


Dax has a bug-like appearance. He has aqua skin and dark blue, buggy eyes. He has two blue antennae. He wears an aqua, blue and dark blue suit, with ridges on the arms and legs. He has purple gloves and a purple chest piece. He has dark blue tinted wings, with dark blue details.


Dax is the only one who can talk to the bug men and understand them. More coming soon...


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  • He works with Gargona and the Bug Men.
  • He appears in Season 3.
  • It is unknown whether Dax can use his wings to fly, but it is most likely not, as in several episodes, Dax falls from large heights and does not attempt to stop falling.

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