Dragons are among the species that live in Centopia.

Appearance Edit

The dragons have a pointed snout and the back of their head comes to a point as well. They have spines along their head and back that stick out, and big wings. They have lizard-like skin. Dragons are typically blue, but as seen in Season 2, can come in various colors.

Description Edit

Centopia is also home to wild Dragons. The dragons are actually quite harmless and live peacefully alongside the Unicorns and other creatures in Centopia. But the Dragons are caught and used by Panthea’s army, the Munculus, to help fulfill Panthea’s evil plans.

Dragons named in the series Edit

Baby Blue

Trivia Edit

  • They are magical creatures who live in the Dragon Caves of Centopia.
  • Baby Blue is a dragon named in the series and is a friend of the elves and unicorns.

Gallery Edit

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