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Elves are among the residents of Centopia in Mia and Me.

Appearance Edit

Elves are humanlike, but they have pointy ears and translucent wings with an orange tint, and red details and circles.

Elven fashion appears like it coulded be a bit inspired by Gustav Klimt. Girls typically wear dresses and boys typically wear a shirt and leggings. Their clothing is very detailed, covered in colorful and unique patterns.

Description Edit

Elves are good-natured creatures and the guardians of the Unicorns. You can find them in the Elf crater and Flowerdale where most live. They are skilled fliers and brave warriors. Elves collect the dust from Unicorn’s horns to keep Centopia’s nature flourishing. And here’s the extremely cool part: The Elves use encapsulated Unicorn tears to relieve pain and heal wounds! The leaders of the Elven people are King Raynor and Queen Mayla.


Named Elves Edit

Gallery Edit

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