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The Panned Piper
Season 1, Episode 19
The Panned Piper
Air date 12 January 2012
Written by Doug Sinclair, Terry Saltsman
Directed by Bill Speers, Tony Power
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The Panned Piper is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Mia and Me.


Mia is teamed up with Violetta for a science project, much to Mia's dismay. An uncooperative Violetta insists she has everything under control, rejecting Mia's earnest attempts to do the work. She undoubtedly intends to cheat, but Mia's real concerns lie in Centopia. Phuddle has created a strange new instrument: a calliope that draws in and mesmerizes its listeners. Unfortunately, it seems to be attracting the wrong kind of attention.

Plot Edit

Mia and Violetta are supposed to be working together on an assignment, but only Mia is doing any work, while Violetta insists she already has the situation under control.

In Centopia, Phuddle has invented a large musical instrument he calls the Unicordian, which is supposed to attract unicorns. While it fails to attract any unicorns, the music seems to have an hypnotic effect on dark elves. The elves find the piece of the trumptus in a ravine, but the dark elves approach and once Phuddle stops playing, they capture Yuko and Mo. Using the Unicordian to their advantage, Mia hides inside the instrument and Phuddle drives it to Panthea's Palace so she can save Mo and Yuko. Mia fills the speakers of Phuddle's instrument with water from her Water Glare so when Phuddle plays it, Panthea, Gargona and the Muncs run away. Mia then uses her bracelet to return to her world.

Back in class, Mia decided to work individually from Violetta while using her and Violetta's old project. Violetta gets caught cheating and fails the project.

Major Events Edit

  • Violetta and Mia don't do well on their project, so Violetta plans to cheat.
  • Phuddle created an instrument called the Unicordian that is supposed to attract unicorns, but instead attracts dark elves.
  • After finding the trumptus piece, Yuko and Mo are captured.
  • Mia and Phuddle use the Unicordian to get close to Panthea on their rescue mission.
  • Mia fills the speakers with water and teh dark elves flee.
  • Mia and Violetta turn in separate projects, and Violetta fails for cheating.

Trivia Edit

  • The oracle for this episode is "Along the ground, it can't be seen. Go further down in the ravine."
  • The Unicordians music is beautiful to all dark elves.
  • Mia's surname appear when we see her homework file folder.

Transcript Edit

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References Edit

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