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The Unwanted Roommate
Season 2, Episode 11
The Unwanted Roommate
Air date September 18, 2016 (Nick jr. USA)
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The Unwanted Roommate is the eleventh episode of the second season of Mia and Me.


An otter named Scrobbit steals one of the rings and escapes via the waterfall. Our heroes chase him to Polytheus' island, and Mia demands that the otter return the ring of Polytheus.

Plot Edit

Mia and Mario continue to look for ways to earn enough money to save Renzo's farm, and discover something that just might be the solution: An upcoming horse-riding competition. However, before they can register Sapphire, they need to get the documents relating to him from Contessa di Nola. Franca promises to see if she can help them obtain the documents.

In Centopia, one of the animals, Scrobbit, seems to be feeling down, so Mia and the others try to cheer him up. Scrobbit later manages to get a hold of one of the two rings from Ono's crown that the elves had retrieved and manages to get into Polytheus' island. Mia and her friends must try to figure out why Scrobbit is acting so strangely, and help Polytheus to get Scrobbit away from his treasure horde.

Major Events Edit

  • Mia and Mario try to get documents of Sapphire so they can compete in a horse-riding competition.
  • Scrobbit is feeling down so the elves try to cheer him up
  • Scrobbit steals one of Ono's rings and escapes via waterfall and Scrobbit makes a home on Polytheus' Island.
  • The elves help Polytheus to get Scrobbit away from his treasure.

Trivia Edit

  • The oracle for this episode is "The thief is found where he belongs, where he feels safe is where he's strong."
  • Scrobbit is happy living in underwater caves.

Transcript Edit

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References Edit

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