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Mia and Me - The Movie
Poster for the Mia and Me movie

Produced by

Hahn & m4e Productions
Flying Bark Productions

Estimated Release


Mia and Me - The Movie is a movie in production with a projected release in 2021. This movie is based on the popular series Mia and Me.

This movie was announced in American Film Market, or AFM, at Loews Office #653. It is being produced by m4e, Hahn & m4e Productions and Flying Bark Productions, with Studio 100 Film as the worldwide sales agent.


In the movie, Mia, Yuko, Mo, Onchao and Phuddle will stand up to an evil toad named Toxor who wants to develop Centopia to become his personal poison pit. This monstrous new enemy will also hold key information to helping Mia solve her parents' mysterious disappearance.


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