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This is a wiki about cartoon for children titled "Mia and Me". In this TV series, a schoolgirl named Mia finds herself in a new magical land of Centopia. Learn more about us...

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About Mia and Me

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Mia and me - Trade Trailer Oct.2013 (EN)


One day, Mia finds an old book and a magical bracelet from her deceased father. It transports her to Centopia, a magical world of elves and unicorns, and changes her into an elf too. There she meets Yuko, Mo, Phuddle, Lyria, and more fascinating characters.

Everything in Centopia was supposed to be good, but Mia found something not in the book. The evil Panthea and Gargona! Their plan was too capture the unicorns, get their horns, and use them to make Panthea young and immortal. Unfortunately, the unicorns are the ones keeping Centopia alive. Without them, Centopia will die.

So, now what?

Now, Mia and her friends must save Centopia, while Mia have to adapt to her new school.

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Featured Episode

Centopia's Hope

Centopia's Hope is the second episode of the first season of Mia and Me. In Centopia, Mia discovers Phuddle's dissonant Trumptus is more than meets the ear. Thanks to her help, the elves have a new reason to be hopeful. Learn more about the episode... ->

Featured Article

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Yuko is an elf warrior who has an outstanding skill when it comes to fighting with a waterglare. She is one of the best warriors in Centopia. In battles Yuko is brave and smart, but sometimes she can be overly confident. She is an outdoor person that maintains the flora of Centopia with unicorn dust. She tends to be a jealous person when it comes to Mo, she shows this jealousy when Mia interacts a lot with Mo or other female elves hang around him. She is also a little bit of a tomboy.

Yuko is a good and dedicated friend, and is always there for Mia and Mo.

Learn more about Yuko... ->

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