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Welcome to Mia and Me Wiki! This page explains about the organization of sections, articles, categories, etc. in this wiki.

This wiki is still small, so we need a lot of editors to help us build a good community! As a part of the community here, your first job is to read the policies and guides. This page is about the standards for canon articles. Please try to follow them.

For the current time, you will not be banned if you don't follow these standards. It's okay if you don't want to follow it, but it is HIGHLY recommended.

The current active administrators of Mia and Me Wiki is ForeverFriendlyViolet.


Please note that the standards of this section is COMPULSORY.

1. Write in English.

2. Own opinions are not allowed. Your own POV of a character belongs in your userpage, blog, or the talk page/comments of the article. Don't add biased descriptions and words, except for general noticeable traits of characters, or it has been stated by an official source.


Correct Wrong
Queen Mayla is the queen of Centopia. She has a son, Mo. Queen Mayla is the beautiful queen of Centopia. She has a very handsome son, Mo.

3. Contractions are not allowed. Contractions are used to simplify phrases. A canon article uses formal language, so each word must be spelled out properly.

Example: "They're" is to be written "They are" here.

4. Copyright infringement is not allowed. All images in articles need to fall under fair use. Screenshots from the show in articles are fair use. Please refrain from using animated GIFs. Watermarked images are prohibited.

5. An introduction sentence or short paragraph is needed. This is a sentence or a short paragraph used to quickly tell the reader what the article is about. It is located in the beginning of every article, always before any headers.


All articles have to be categorized to relevant categories. If categories also needs to be categorized, categorize it with the relevant ones.


1. Infoboxes are used only when at least 3 rows are able to be filled in.

2. Use past tense for "Series" section.


(A bolded word represents a header. A bolded word which is more pushed in represents a smaller header.)

(Not all characters need all the sections. When you use sections in a character article, make sure the format stays in the order like this.)

  • Introduction
  • Personality
  • Backstory
  • Series
    • Panthea's Unicorn Capturing (for Season 1)
  • Appearance
    • Physical Appearance
    • Episode Appearance
  • Relationships
  • Abilities
  • Gallery
  • Quotes
  • Trivia


1. Infobox is a must. Use Infobox/Episodes.

2. Use present tense for all sections, except "Major Events" and "Trivia".


  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Plot
  • Major Events
  • Transcript
  • Characters & Cast
  • Gallery
  • Trivia

Please follow these standards. Have a great time, and don't hesitate to contact an administrator if you need help!