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Lyria (mother)
Ono (father)
Kyara (sister)
Lavera (aunt)
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Onchao is a major character, a unicorn with golden horn and wings from Mia and Me. He is Mia's best friend.

Character Edit

With a touch of his horn, Onchao can make plants grow and creatures heal. He can make withered regions bloom again just by galloping across them. His golden horn promises eternal youth.

He absolutely loves romping around the meadows of Centopia with Mia, or just drifts in the wind with his wings. He can make mini tornadoes with his wings and make earthquakes when he stomps his hooves. Onchao can burn and freeze many things as well. He has a magic blast. Onchao is a very special unicorn. He is the son of Ono and Lyria.

Relationships Edit

Lyria Edit

  • Lyria is Onchao's mother, who protects him with her life and sacrifices herself to protect Onchao from Panthea,

Ono Edit

  • Ono is Onchao's father, who reunited with Onchao in Season 2's episode "The Unicorn King."

Kyara Edit

  • Kyara is Onchao's little sister, born in Season 3's episode "Kyara's Birth."

Mia Edit

  • Mia is Onchao's best friend and his guardian along with Yuko and Mo. When Mia arrives to Centopia, she usually ends up near Onchao. Sometimes Onchao flies while carrying Mia on his back. Mia took care of Onchao when Lyria was captured.

Yuko Edit

  • Yuko is a friend and guardian of Onchao's and they go on adventures together.

Mo Edit

  • Mo is a friend and guardian of Onchao's and also goes on adventures with him.

Panthea Edit

  • Panthea is the main antagonist in Season 1, and his biggest enemy in that season. Panthea wanted to cut off Onchao's horn so she could achieve eternal youth.

Gargona Edit

  • Gargona is a reoccuring villain that appears in Seasons 1, 2 and 3. She tries to capture Onchao for the primary antagonists of the series.

Rixel Edit

  • Rixel is an enemy of Onchao, and his mission is to put a Winged Unicorn (Onchao or Ono) to bring back to Dystopia, so he can become a Dark Elf.

Esko Edit

  • Esko is Onchao's best friend. They play around together.

Elves Edit

  • Onchao is protected by the Elves of Centopia from the villains who want to capture him.

Unicorns Edit

  • Onchao has good relationships with the unicorns and makes friends very easily. At the start, he felt like an outsider because of his wings, but it all worked out.

Appearance Edit

Onchao has a golden mane and tail with colored gems. Onchao also has wings and a golden horn.

Gallery Edit

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Videos Edit

Mia and me - Onchao's Birth

Mia and me - Onchao's Birth

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Mia and me - Onchao's Fire Ceremony

A stroke of wings

A stroke of wings

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Mia and me - TV-Spot - Mattel (German)