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Pans are among the species that lives in Centopia.


Pans are like little goat people. They have white fur, some have grey tattoos, two curled horns, and black ears.


Pans are tiny, shy creatures that hide everywhere in Centopia but most live in the Pan village : in every tree, behind every bush and yes, even under every rock! They are rarely seen, but their sweet music can be heard throughout the land. Except when there is danger nearby: then the Pans immediately stop playing and quickly hide themselves away.

But one Pan is a little bit different: Phuddle. In opposition to of all other Pans he is such a bad flutist who is only able to create strange sounds, that he was kicked out of Pan society. Phuddle is a big talker and considers himself the greatest inventor ever, because he invented the Trumptus.

Pans named in the series

Queen of pans


King of the Pans

Tuddle (cousin of Phuddle)


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