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Violetta di Nola (half of Season 1)


Violetta di Nola

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light brown

Portrayed by:

Saphia Stoney

Paula is Mia's friend and her roomate in the real world in Season 1. She is a vital character.


Paula is a follower of Violetta in the beginning of Season 1, and she considered Violetta a friend. She would do whatever Violetta asked of her, because she finally feels accepted around Violetta. She is sent to be a spy, double agent, and to ruin Mia's book The Legend of Centopia. Mia and Vincent are friendly to her and they all become friends, and she gets so close she even learns about Vincent's shack and Mia's secret double life.



Mia and Paula are roommates in Season 1 from the moment Mia moved to the boarding school. They started off on a bad foot due to Paula's relations with Violetta. They eventually become friends, and they become very close. Her, Paula and Vincent hang out together commonly and study together. Paula even learns Mia's secret in the end of the season.


Vincent is a friend of Paula's for half of Season 1, and they become so close he even shows her the location of his secret shack and she hangs out there with him and Mia commonly after that.


Violetta started as a friend of Paula, but she would make Paula do things she didn't necessarily want to do. Paula would comply because she felt she had no choice. She eventually becomes enemies with Violetta when she realizes that their friendship was not healthy and she becomes friends with Mia and Vincent.


Paula has short, straight, light brown hair, which she pulls away from her face with either barrettes or headbands. She has brown eyes. She typically wears her school uniform, but she also wears thrift shop clothing that she alters.


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