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Ray Lovelock
Ray lovelock


June 19th, 1950


November 10, 2017 (age 67)





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Ray Lovelock (19 June 1950 – 10 November 2017) was an Italian actor and musician, best known for his roles in Italian genre cinema. He played Renzo in Mia and Me Season 2.


Early life

Ray Lovelock was born in Rome on 19 June 1950. His mother was Italian and his father was English. They met during the Allied occupation of Italy in World War II. While at college, he supplemented his income as an extra in movies and TV commercials.

Music career

Lovelock also performed in a rock band with longtime friend and actor Tomas Milian, where he was discovered by a talent agent. In Italy, he released 5 singles, which included the main theme song of Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man. He also released 2 singles in Japan.

Acting career

Lovelock played his first credited movie part in the Spaghetti western Se sei vivo spara (1967), directed by Giulio Questi and starring Milian. He has since established himself as a reliable character actor in Italian films and television, working steadily from the late 1960s.

Among his more notable film roles are Fiddler on the Roof (where he played Fyedka, a Russian Christian farmer who marries a Jewish girl named Chava, against the wishes of Chava's father; 1971), Let Sleeping Corpses Lie(1974), Almost Human (1974), Violent Rome (1975), Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976), The Cassandra Crossing (1976) and The Last House on the Beach (1978).

He died in Trevi on 10 November 2017, at the age of 67.

Selected filmography

  • Oh, Grandmother's Dead (1969)
  • L'amica (1969)
  • Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
  • Oasis of Fear (1971)
  • One Russian Summer (1973)
  • Emergency Squad (1974)
  • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)
  • Almost Human (1974)
  • The King is the Best Mayor (1974)
  • Autopsy (1975)
  • Violent Rome (1975)
  • La moglie vergine (1975)
  • Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976)
  • The Cassandra Crossing (1976)
  • Gangbuster (1977)
  • The Greatest Battle (1978)
  • The Last House on the Beach (1978)
  • From Hell to Victory (1979)
  • Play Motel (1979)
  • Murder Rock (1984)
  • Mino (1986)
  • Renzo (2015)


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