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David Pender-Crichton


Elves, Mia, Yuko, Mo, Unicorns




Gargona, Gurga, Tukito

Rixel is main  antagonist of season 2.


Rixel is a big-game hunter who captures animals with his mysterious green fluid, which gives him the ability to hypnotize and fully control these creatures. He runs Funtopia, a mobile circus full of animals he's hypnotized, which he secretly contacts Lord Drakon from. Rixel wishes to be a Dark Elf and is planning on capturing a winged unicorn for Drakon to achieve this goal.

Rixel wears bright clothes with lots of details and patterns, and a matching unique personality. He is very determined and deceitful, but completing his mission is quite difficult thanks to the elves and the protection they place onto Onchao.

Rixel is partners with Gurga, his hypnotized dragon, Tukito, a rubber monkey, and Gargona, Panthea's former general. He later has an alliance with Varia, and uses her as a double agent to help capture Onchao or, later on, Ono. he is alergic to peppers



Gurga is Rixel's dragon, but the elves take her.


Tukito doesn't need green fluid to be Rixel's friend. Tukito is always doing what Rixel does.


At the beginning of Season 2, Gargona and Rixel dislike each other, but in the last episode of Season 2, Gargona tries to flirt with Rixel.


Varia pretends to work for Rixel. But she is selfish and abandons him. Oh well, she didn't deserve him anyway!

The elves

The elves are Rixel's enemies. The elves try to murder Rixel and Gargona any chance they get.


Rixel tries to capture the winged unicorn Onchao. He never captures him.


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  • A few of his most said lines are "Buffoonery!" and "Extravaganza!"
  • Rixel wishes to become a dark elf on Centopia.
  • Since he never uses his wings, it can be assumes he cannot fly with looks like they are broken.
  • Rixel has a bottle of green fluid, that when smelled/ drunk, can allow Rixel to control that animal that smelled/ drunk it.

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