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The first season of Mia and Me contains of 26 episodes.

  • Previous season: None
  • Next season: Season 2


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  1. Talking to Unicorns
  2. Centopia's Hope
  3. Restoration
  4. Trumptus Lost
  5. The Golden Son
  6. Onchao's Oasis
  7. Hope in Pieces
  8. Ziggo's Day Off
  9. The Elves and the Dragon
  10. The Blossom Tree
  11. All That Glitters
  12. Phuddle's Foibles
  13. The Fire Unicorn
  14. The Wizened Woods
  15. Miss Know-It-All
  16. The Unicorn Trap
  17. All Dressed Up
  18. King for a Day
  19. The Panned Piper
  20. Cave of Truth
  21. Against the Wind
  22. Under the Moon
  23. Choosing Sides
  24. Tears of Joy
  25. Panthea's Proposal
  26. End of an Age


  • The first season of the series has been sold to 70 broadcasters in 60 Countries, covering from Europe to Latam. Among the recent acquisitions, the first season was bought by ClanTV (Spain), RTBF/OUFtivi (Belgium), YoYoTV (Hongkong, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan), KBSN (South Korea) and Karakhstan TV. [1]
  • The episodes The Wizened Woods, Under The Moon and Against The Wind are not available on the internet and can be found only on Netflix.