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This article is about the second season of Mia and Me. The season was in production by 2014[1] and was rolled out on international channels in 2015.[2] In the United States, the second season premiered on Nick Jr. US on 1 February 2016, with the episode "The Mysterious Visitor".


The production of the second season of Mia and Me had been confirmed from many sources.

Some of them are from:

  • The show's own website[3]
  • ToonBarn [4]
  • Animation World Network [5]

Teaser summary

The cover of the flyer of season 2.

This time, Mia has summer vacation and stays on her Grandpa Renzo’s farm. It is not long before she is called away to Centopia where there is great excitement. A strange elf named Rixel has sailed to Centopia on his floating island and has invited all of the elves to the opening of his amazing circus show. It all seems a bit too good to be true to Mia and her friends and they soon find out that it is. Rixel is nothing but a villain who is plotting to kidnap Onchao and steal him away to Dystopia. Not only that, but a new visitor to Centopia gives Mia even more to contend with. Will Centopia and Mia’s secret remain safe? [6]


  1. The Mysterious Visitor
  2. Behind the Curtain
  3. The Animal Guardians
  4. Dragons in Danger
  5. The Ghost of Blackwood Forest
  6. The Spell of the Green Fluids
  7. Beyond the Wall of Vines
  8. A Fathers Feathers
  9. Speaking with Stones
  10. Dancing with Stars
  11. The Unwanted Roommate
  12. Thats What Friends are For
  13. Return to Panthea's Castle
  14. The Whistling Bolobo
  15. My name is Varia
  16. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge
  17. Taking Sides
  18. A Shower of Pollen
  19. The Fiery Flower
  20. Journey to the North
  21. The Unicorn King
  22. The Rainbow Spring
  23. Hide and Seek
  24. A Sticky Situation
  25. The Strongest Team
  26. Breaking the Spell


  • Mia visits and spends her summer holidays at her grandfather's farm. [7][8]
  • Rixel, an elf, plans to kidnap Onchao.
  • Onchao, along with Mia and her friends, go to a quest to find his father, Ono.

Story Synopsis

(Note that the synopsis below is a MAJOR and HEAVY spoiler, as it reveals the plot of this season, so please take the time to consider reading it or not.)

A new threat arrives on the shores of Centopia… but in a fun disguise. Zootopia, a floating island pulled by winged dolphins, seems like an over-blown fantastic theme park. And its owner, Rixel, a gregarious showman, looks like he’s a lot of fun. However, it soon turns out that he is also a ruthless big-game hunter who has an eye out not just for Unicorns in general, but for the winged Unicorn Onchao in particular. The Elves soon figure that out and ban Rixel from Zootopia, but he refuses to leave. Instead he unleashes the monstrous dragon Gurga who causes havoc all over Centopia, chasing Elves, Unicorns and pans all over the place on a wild search for Onchao. When Rixel and Gurga catch Unicorns, they imprison them on the island of Zootopia to take on tours all over the world. The Centopians manage to find safety in the Elven Crater, but this is a temporary refuge at best. And with the Unicorns no longer spread all over Centopia, the plants are already starting to wither everywhere.

Meanwhile Mia, in her real like, is on summer vacation at her Grandpa Renzo’s farm. But she finds out that Renzo is up to his eyeballs in debt and the back is threatening to repossess the farm.

Of all people, Violetta’s mother is eyeing the farm as she’s eager to spend her own estate. At the same time Mia has to deal again with Violetta, her boarding school nemesis from Season 1. Mia and Renzo save Violetta’s mistreated horse Saphir from the abattoir, but it’s a long process for Mia to gain its trust and to bring it back to old shape. Rocco, a boy who helps on Renzo’s farm in exchange for some pocket money, helps Mia to prepare for an upcoming horse-jumping competition. They both become closer and gain trust in each other, which gradually turns in to love…

In Centopia, Onchao is steadily growing up, making his first attempts to fit into a peer group. But that’s not made easier by the fact that the leader of the group, Esko taunts Onchao and makes him feel his father Ono, the Unicorn King, was a coward because he left to save the Unicorns, but then never returned.

Onchao feels an intense need to find out the truth about his father’s fate and embarks on a journey to the terrifying Blackwood Forest. Accompanied by his friends and Mia he meets the druidess Tessandra, who leads them on a trail of clues to finally find Ono… [9]