The third season of M4E's Mia and Me premiered in 2017. Previous: Season 2

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S3-Ep. 1-Kyara's Birth

S3-Ep. 2-Arrival of the Bug Men

S3-Ep. 3-King and Queen Asleep

S3-Ep. 4-Return to Bolobo Mountain

S3-Ep. 5-Sister Wracked

S3-Ep. 6-Unicorn Kindergarden

S3-Ep. 7-Phuddle Moves Out

S3-Ep. 8-Highest Bidder

S3-Ep. 9-Night Becomes Day

S3-Ep. 10-Circle of Life

S3-Ep. 11-Glowing Arrows

S3-Ep. 12-Finding Simo

S3-Ep. 13-Freeze and Snoot

S3-Ep. 14-The Six-eyed Monster

S3-Ep. 15-Moonstruck

S3-Ep. 16-Under the Heartleaf Tree

S3-Ep. 17-Giant Butterfly

S3-Ep. 18-Bluebardo in Trouble

S3-Ep. 19-Shyest Unicorn

S3-Ep. 20-Return to Rainbow Island

S3-Ep. 21-Ziggo Moves Out

S3-Ep. 22-What Is Your Desire?

S3-Ep. 23-Heist on Dark Castle

S3-Ep. 24-Seeing in the Dark

S3-Ep. 25-The Big Sleep

S3-Ep. 26-The Last Stand

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