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The Legend of Centopia
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The Legend of Centopia is the book that Mia uses to teleport to Centopia.


The Legend of Centopia is a book that Mia's father read to her every night. The story in this book took place in a world called Centopia.

When Mia is twelve years old, her parents passed away, but before that, her father was planning to give it to her on her birthday. However, her father made some changes to the book. He also turned it a game situated in a magical world. So now, this book is not only a book, but also a game.

Now, Mia uses it to teleport to Centopia.


Outside of the book

  • The Legend of Centopia is a large red book with gold, circular trim, and green, blue and red gems throughout. The title is written in a font. The inside is filled with illustrations and pages filled with elven runes.

Inside of the book

  • The book is written in elven runes. However, Mia can read it. The book is also decorated with colorless pictures. The book contains the oracle (a prophecy to figure out) before Mia returns to Centopia. It also serves as her password.

Teleporting Device

With the help of Mia's Bracelet, The Legend of Centopia serves as a teleporting device that brings her back and forth between worlds. She reads the oracle from the elven runes translated, then she taps the giant gem on her bracelet and say's the oracle.

The bracelet was gifted to her along with the book, and both are vital to teleport to Centopia.

Times Used & Known Oracles

An oracle in the book serves as Mia's password, and a prophecy/mystery to solve.

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