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Centopia's Hope 13
Mia blowing the Trumptus at some Muncs






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The Trumptus is a weapon the elves use in Centopia.


The Trumptus is Phuddle's first seen invention in Mia and Me. You first are introduced to it in Talking to Unicorns in Season 1 when Mia meets Phuddle, but in Centopia's Hope, Mia discovers the oracle may be suggesting the Trumptus will save Centopia. When she tries it on some Munculus troops, they turned into flowers. The elves used this to fight the muncs until Panthea, one of the first threats to Centopia that you meet in the show, destroys it and scatters the pieces all over the island.

Throughout Season 1, the elves and Onchao, their winged unicorn friend, seek out pieces of the Trumptus with help of the oracles.

Once reassembled, the elves use it as a weapon against the dark elves and rescue Centopia from Panthea's reign.

In Season 2 and 3, the Trumptus is seen to be useless against Rixel and against Dax.


The Trumptus is a gold instrument with 3 horns, covered in gems and other oddities. It consists of the 20 pieces total.


  • The Trumptus has its own honorary place at the Elf Palace.
  • Phuddle created this Trumptus.
  • It turns Muncs and Dark Elves into flowers.


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