In the early September, I adopted this wiki. I've made a few changes to make this wiki better.

New Design

The background, colors and wordmark are updated. What do you think about it?

Rules & Policy

I've made the rules and policy. Read it here.

Definition in Mia and Me Wiki

Rules - Regulations made to make the wiki a better place. Applies to all users (except noted otherwise).

Policies - A more indepth of the rules, and the standards of how things work in this wiki.

Article Standards

This is used as the format of each article's category. This is not compulsory, although it is VERY recommended to follow it.

Read it here.

New Users Guide

A guide for new users, whether they are new in this wiki, or in Wikia. Also includes FAQs.

Link = Help:New Users Guide


Projects are open for users interested in developing a category of articles.

There are currently 3 projects (Episodes, Characters, Places/Locations).

Read about it here.

The New Forums!

I have updated the style of forums. Feel free to drop by and ask questions.

Link = Special:Forum


Currently, there are 2 categories of News.

Category:News - Used for news about Mia and Me.

Category:Wiki News - Used for news in this wiki.

Top 10 Lists

These are like rankings from fans. A list of these lists can be found in Category:Top 10 Lists


Feedback, questions, problems? Leave me a message, go to the forums, or comment on this blog!