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Adrian Moore

Vincent is Mia's best friend in the real world in Season 1. He is a vital character.

Character Edit

Vincent is Mia's first friend when she's new at the boarding school. He introduces himself, and not long after he sees her trying to translate runes from the Legend of Centopia. He suggests she try reading them upside down. This is vital because Mia needed this information to return to Centopia.

After that, they become friends, and he shows her his private shack and lets her use it to study. Vincent is the first person to learn about Mia's double life.

Relationships Edit


Vincent is Mia's first friend when she moves, and he assists her by helping her translate runes, hiding her secret, and diverting Violetta's attention from Mia and her book. He covers for her when she needs it. Vincent also has a crush on Mia, which he won't admit to her, but it becomes apparent when his jealousy for Mo shows and Paula notices and points it out to Mia.


Paula and Vincent weren't friends at first, but Vincent suggests Mia should give her a chance. Eventually, Mia, Paula, and Vincent, become close friends, and Paula even gets introduced to Vincent's private shack as well.


Violetta is the enemy of both Mia and Vincent in Season 1. She always picks on both, and as the season develops, she ends up trying to harass Vincent for information on Mia, and puts them in awkward positions as she can.

Appearance Edit

Vincent has long, wavy brown hair and light blue eyes. He wears braces. He is typically seen wearing his school uniform.

Gallery Edit

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