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Vincen't Shack
Restoration 2
Vincent showing Mia his secret shack.






Season 1

Vincent's shack is a small wooden shack near Mia's boarding school in Florence, Italy. It was abandoned, so Vincent took advantage of it to "move in".

Description Edit

This small wooden shack was built near Mia's school in Florence. It was then ignored, abandoned and was forgotten by everyone. Upon realizing this, Vincent used this shack as a secondary house (beside his dormitory), while at school. He keeps quite a few of his belongings there and has decked it out to be his secret hangout place, which he invites Mia and Paula to.


Vincent's shack is a simple, small shack made out of worn-out wood. Its located in the woods just off of the campus of their boarding school. Inside, it is full of Vincent's belongings.

Trivia Edit

  • Vincent's shack first appeared in the episode Restoration.
  • Mia comes to Vincent's shack often to hang out, study, and to get privacy for her transports to Centopia.